Thursday, February 5, 2009


"LEMONHEAD and friends",this defeats the purpose of having O.G LEMONHEADS
if you're gonna make the "CHEWY".One of the best parts of the LEMONHEAD was the
soft, sour shell; that with much determination and persistence will grant you the treat of a sweet, firm center that you can CRUNCH, ENJOY & and move on to the next one.AND THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO CHEAT and include all flavors to the mix.Like they couldn't afford to make "CHEWY" APPLEHEADS , GRAPEHEADS, CHERRYHEADS & I can't believe I gotta spell this;(sigh) ORANGEHEADS.They also forgot to include the APPLEHEAD on the front of the box; How(F-ing) dare you neglect the only other "HEAD" that gave your candy brand VARIETY to begin with.Kudos on keeping the box price standard in these difficult financial times;hopefully you don't raise the price or lay off thousands of workers and cop a $60 million plane(ahh-uuuummm-ccciiiTYGROUP).Ferrara Pan; I'm not against new ideas but, try to stay true to the brand.At this rate I might scurry down to my local bodega and POPPY slide me some: "AVACADOHEADS" confusing them for the O.G APPLE OR LEMONHEADS.Get your $#!t together!

P.S: Is it just me or the bow ties on them look absolutely STUPID."LEMONHEAD and friends"
yall got some F*@#ing nerve; what's next: a "LEMONHEAD REALITY SERIES" a real world version of different flavors trying to get along in a box.Come to think of it; that'll make a pretty good "ROBOT CHICKEN" sketch.OPINIONS ARE WELCOMED; LET ME KNOW HOW YOU FEEL.

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