Wednesday, April 22, 2009


If there's anyone who(as of late) deserves a Nike contract.It is definitely this

man;The PAC-MAN.These trainers look HARD.Now fellas;don't have the mindset

of a 8 year old and think that these shoes will make you like PACQUAIO.Don't won't

make your hands or feet FASTER.So don't pick a fight rocking these thinking you got a automatic victory.Cuz if your hands are TRASH and your jaw is GLASS.You will most likely

find yourself on your back;staring at the sky; asking yourself what on earth just happen;

with somebody hovering over you screaming:I TOLD YOU.I TOLD YOU NOT TO MESS


(Oh and the colorway is bananas;can't lose with a San Fran 49er colorway)

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